Saturday, November 7, 2015


     This robot was inspired by General Grievous' wheel bike from Star War episode III. I started by trying to duplicate the design of the wheel bike from Star Wars, but after awhile I stopped caring about how much it looked like Grievous'  wheel bike, and did what I felt made sense and looked cool.

The robot uses the default infrared remote program on the EV3 Brick. 
So I guess the programming is by LEGO.

Below is a YouTube video I made for the WHEEL BIK3.

These three photos are of the WHEEL BIK3 without its two primary wheels


The wheels are made of inverse tank treads that are connected to themselves.

There are three more wheels on each side, making a total of four wheels.

This is the first wheel is connected to a large servo.

The second wheel simply keeps tension on the first and fourth wheel.

This wheel stops the brick from warping the fourth wheel because the brick drops down and forces the fourth wheel to warp into an oval.

The fourth wheel is made up of inverted tank treads and are what the WHEEL BIK3 moves with.

The red pieces shown in the picture keep the primary wheels from falling off with the help of the angled liftarms shown in the fifth photo.

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