Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NXT Pinball Machine

This is my NXT Pinball Machine . I made it using one NXT2.0 kit and some assorted pieces . It was simple yet very time consuming I used the underside of LEGO plates but since the plates weren't even so I  had to increase the slope of the board . You can see the launching mechanism  and other parts below.

This is the launching mechanism.

Here is the ball regulator.

And here is the push-paddle mechanism .

The NXT Pinball Machine uses a light sensor and an ultrasonic sensor to detect the ball. When a ball is detected, the NXT adds one point to the scoreboard which is displayed on the NXT's screen..

NXT Robodog


           This is my NXTRobodog. I made it to look like the EV3 puppy. I think it looks pretty similar
 except you can't pet it and the hind legs have feet instead of wheels. You might have noticed that I didn't ad an eye image on the NXT's screen. The reason for that is that the NXT screen is to small. When I put an eye image on the NXT, the eyes weren't in proportion with the rest of the body.
 Here are some pictures of it unfortunately I didn't make a video   

  And here is a comparison of the two